What is SmartMOM

Congratulations! Being pregnant is an exciting time with many changes taking place and lots to learn about keeping you and your growing baby healthy.

SmartMom is a prenatal education program for BC Moms to be that text-messages you information you can trust to help guide you through the weeks of your pregnancy.

Our information is current and has been developed from published and peer-reviewed research.

How often? 3 times a week.You can schedule the times that work best for you to receive messages, e.g. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when you wake up, during lunch, or after dinner.

Tailored to you: The information we send you is timed to the number of weeks that you are pregnant. SmartMom makes sure you get the right information and resources when you need them.

Pregnancy is a journey; SmartMom is here to coach you through it.

It’s FREE: SmartMom is 100% free—it costs nothing for you to sign up or to receive the messages.

What kinds of messages? The messages provide you with helpful hints to have a healthy pregnancy and help you to prepare your body and mind for birth. Messages include links to websites and videos that show how your baby is growing and developing, information to guide the important choices you’ll face, and tips on how to manage your labour.

We will suggest topics to discuss with your caregiver and recommend more information and resources online and in your own community.

SmartMom cheers you on as you grow your baby!

We want to hear from you! SmartMom is still learning - We are designing the SmartMom program based on who you are and your preferences for information and support.

Would you like to help us by completing our survey? It should take 10 minutes and we’ll enter you into our ongoing draw for $100 Visa gift card.

We want to know
1) How you found out about SmartMom
2) How you decided SmartMom would be right (or not) for you
3) How much you already know about pregnancy, and
4) How confident you feel about managing your labour and birth.