Frequently Asked Questions

    What are text messages?

    What number will the text messages come from?

    My phone number changed. How can I update my account?

    How can I change my message schedule?

    Can I cancel anytime?

    What do you do with my personal information? Is it safe?

    How do I find the messages I missed if I joined part way through the program?

    Is SmartMom free? Why do my messages say ‘Data rates apply’? Does this mean I’m being charged for the messages?

    SmartMom will not charge you to sign up or to receive program text messages. However, standard message and data rates may apply. This means that, depending on your phone plan with your mobile phone service provider (carrier – e.g. Bell, Rogers, Telus), you may be charged by your carrier for: 1) text messages received from/sent to SmartMom, or 2) data usage if you click any web links in the SmartMom text messages while not connected to WiFi. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, you shouldn’t be charged to receive our messages. If you have an unlimited data plan, you shouldn’t be charged for browsing web links in our messages. Please check with your carrier if you are unsure about your phone plan.

    When will I get my supplemental messages?

    Have you considered making SmartMom more gender inclusive?

    I was previously enrolled in SmartMom, can I sign up again?

    Is SmartMom only available in English? What about other languages?